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Spring 2019

Send submissions for the newsletter to Yvonne Downey at [email protected]

Deadline for Newsletter submissions will be the 25th of the month. It will definitely get into the next month’s Newsletter if you submit by that date. If you have something that you have not submitted and you realise that it’s after the 25th, send it anyway; you might get lucky.
  • Please include full names of people in written and photographic contributions. It’s extra helpful if you rename photos to something like ‘JohnSmithandMaryWhiteNKCBanquet.jpg’ but if you include them and ID the photo in the written contribution, I will be equally as thrilled.
  • Please include full names of dogs, especially in the case of kennel club sanctioned shows and events.
  • Please clearly identify locations and full names of events in contributions.
  • Don’t worry about spelling or grammar. I can fix up anything you contribute. Just write, write, snap photos, get it down and sent off to me!
  • If you don’t have any information other than a photo, send it anyway and just include as much as possible. More info is better, though—especially for the benefit of new NKC members who don’t know everybody yet (and your Newsletter editor who still doesn’t know everybody yet)
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