NKC Policies and Procedures

The guideline to this Policy and Procedure Manual

Definition of Policy: A policy communicates to the organization the culture, valuet and philosophy of
the organization. The policies should provide the guidelines for decisions and actions.
Definition of Procedure: A procedure should lay out how the policy is to be accomplished. Defining
what steps and instructions should be followed and the expected way in which they should be
The numbering system for Policies and Procedures are as follows:
The first digit of the policy will be the chapter or section that the policy falls under. The digits after the
first decimal will be the number of the policy within that section increasing by a value of one for every
new policy adopted within that section. The final digit after the second decimal will refer to the
amendment. The first policy will be “0”. When an amendment to that policy is adopted, the old policy
should be removed and replaced with the new policy with the latest amendment number noted.
Example: Policy 1.01.0 – ls in section 1 – Administration, is the first adopted policy in the section and
has had ns amendments.
The policies and procedures will be adopted by the Board of Directors. The date of the adoption will
be noted at the bottom left hand corner of the page. The policy number should be identified at the
top of the page in the title.
The policies and procedures should be included on the Kennel Club’s web so they are available to all
A hard copy of the policies should be held and maintained by the club secretary.

Questions – info@nanaimokennelclub.ca