The Breeders listed on this page are members in good standing of the Nanaimo Kennel Club, however the Nanaimo Kennel Club does not recommend individual breeders.

We strongly recommend that you contact CKC Accredited Breed Clubs who in turn refer potential buyers to breeders of their organization.


BreedKennel NameOwner(s)Contacts
American Cocker SpanielsVallance CockersHeather
BeagleBreigayt IIMarlene Caskey(250) 468-7570
Border ColliesLouise Prefontaine(250) 816-0073
Bulldogs Honorbul Bulldogs Julie Dow (250) 616-3284
Cairn Terriers Saucydog KennelsSandra Millen(250)585-5986
Chihuahua Long CoatArkland Chihuahua Reg'd Linda Halliday(250) 821-9857
Clumber SpanielsFly~A~Way Corey Patrick and Linda Fraser(250) 248-2379
Golden RetrieversHollywood North KennelHolly Anderson(250) 713-5255
Irish Wolfhounds Tyrconnell Holly Cook
Miniature SchnauzersMimicker Miniature SchnauzersSandi Malcolm(250) 729-9920
NewfoundlandTerraorca Judy Robertson(250) 746-6393
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieversAgileFox Tollers Cheryl Chapman(250) 802-8252
Phalenes & PapillonsDerrima Phalenes & PapillonsStacey Wood(250) 468-7570
Poodles, Toy and StandardKatelon Bajona-Fox (250) 756-0285
RottweilersDebeau RottweilersDebbie MacLeod(250) 755-1599
Silky TerrierCarmorosa Carolyn Kool(250) 821-9858
Yorkshire Terriers Janet Lostale (778) 389-0285