Nanaimo Kennel Club

is dedicated to the welfare of all dogs, purebreds and mixed breeds. The Club encourages the betterment of all dogs in the community through various activities.

Training Classes

    Classes start multible times throuhout the year.  Please see Schedule & Registration for all info  

The Nanaimo Kennel Club

is one of the oldest all-breed dog clubs on Vancouver Island.  In 1924 a small group of dog fanciers formed this Non-profit organization to establish dog obedience training classes.

FAKE NKC PayPal invoices!!

Unfortunately some people have received false PayPal invoices by email or text message that seem to indicate that you have made a payment to the NKC.

These are Spam, they did NOT originate from the NKC and as far as we can tell, no payments have been made.

The are designed to get you to click on the “Cancel the Transaction” button to get you to provide personal information.

Your best cause of action is to delete without doing anything.

We are so sorry if you were on the receiving end of this scam.


The Nanaimo Kennel Club offers classes in: Puppy Socialisation and Pet Manners as well as Obedience, Show Handling, Tricks, Rally Free, Rally Obedience and Scent Detection.

Breed Profiles Videos

Watch videos on various Breeds to get more information about them

Dog Sports

Our members participate in many different dog sports and activities.

Junior Classes

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